Status of Gmos in Bangladesh Essay

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Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are a fact of modern agriculture, and are here to stay. GMOs are also a fact of public preoccupation and opinion, which politicians must takeinto account. FAO recognizes the great potential and the complications of these new technologies. We need to move carefully, with a full understanding of all the factors involved.In particular, we need to assess GMOs is terms of their impact on food security, poverty,biosafety, and the sustainability of agriculture. Will GMOs increase the amount of food in theworld, and make more food accessible to the hungry? Clearly, GMOs should be seen not inisolation as technical achievements. Hence, I will discuss not the specifics of GMOtechnology, but the
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In turn, governments often lack coherent policies in relation to GMOs, and have not yet developed and implemented adequate regulatory instruments and infrastructures. As a result, in most countries, there is no 2 consensus on how biotechnology and GMOs in particular can focus on the key challenges of the food and agricultural sector. Governments need to be more proactive in addressing these questions and, in this, the role of scientists in public service will be crucial.

Definition of Genetically Modified Crops (GMOs)

Before I go more in depth about the pros and cons of genetically modified crops, let me first give a definition of what genetically modified crops are.
Genetically modified crops (often abbreviated as GMOs) are simply crops, whose genetical material has been modified. There are two ways to do this: 1. Traditional selection and breeding (much like breeding animals), 2. Modern, scientific modification of the crops.
In this article, my strengths and weaknesses of genetically modified crops list will deal with the second, the scientific effects and applications.

Process of Genetically Modifying Crops

As the scope of this article is not to describe the detailed process of how GMOs are modified, I will just very briefly describe it.
First and foremost the genetic material of the two or more crops whose

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