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The Project is due by the end of Week 8.
The Project The infamous company, Jordan & Associates, is in trouble again. The Deputy Director has just resigned in the midst of rumors going around the departments about discrimination, lawsuits, and even the company picnic has been canceled. I would like to seek your help in putting together an Ad hoc Statistics Report to be submitted to the CEO so that he can make the appropriate corrective, proactive, and retroactive decisions for the troubled company. The Report Format

As you might have known already, my brother, the Jordan & Associates CEO is a very difficult person: his way or the highway. He is also insistence on proper report format. Nonetheless, we
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You may use any method, including with the aid of a random number table, to accomplish this task. However, you have to explain your method, whichever you choose to use.

Please list the employees ID# after selecting them.

Issue 2

Please complete the

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