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Current Event Article
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September 29, 2012

The article I selected was regarding marriage rates among the poor and the fact that they have declined since the 1960s. It discussed if other incentives and alternatives decisions were made and then more couples marry would this reduce poverty. According to research at Johns Hopkins University only 70-75% of African American women expects to get married whereas 91% of Caucasian women in a lifetime. The most cited reason for delaying marriage by women is that it is not affordable which leads to declining of marriage and increase in poverty. According to George Mason University most couples come out ahead after marriage simply by cutting the total house expense such as one
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Also, future incentives for the next generation would be creating education programs encouraging developing relationships for marriages.
The article provided two histograms that indicated statistical data of marriage verses single men and women. These histograms featured quantitative univariate data for the median income level of a household consisting of married, single fathers and single mothers. Then it indicated rates of married, single fathers verses single mothers. These histograms indicated that the income level is higher when married and the poverty rates are lower. Whereas a single father the income median is over half of a married couple but poverty rates increase by 15.4%. For single mothers the income is shown to be less than half of a married couple and the poverty rate is 29.2% higher than married couples and 14.8% that of single fathers. -------------------------------------------------
Can marriage reduce poverty? Marriage rates among the poor have dramatically declined since the '60s

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