Statistics : A Source Of Secondary Quantitative Data Essay example

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Official statistics are a source of secondary quantitative data. This means that it provides us with information which already exists. The statistics that it provides with are based on crimes that are being committed and who commits these crimes in the society. These are drawn from police-recorded statistics and other official statistics. The statistics are then published every 6 months by the Home Office. However, these statistics have received great deal of criticism and therefore, there are other alternatives such as British Crime Survey and the self-report studies where people are asked if they have committed any crime.
One advantage of using official statistics is the fact that it is very useful for sociologist when carrying out their research. Due to the fact that they are readily available as the Home Office publishes them often and anyone with internet can access and download these data. This means that a lot of time is saved as the sociologist wouldn’t have to spend money on carrying out research of its own and the fact that it is updated within 6 months is also seen to be advantageous. Another advantage of it being updated regularly is the fact that you are able to use these statistics to compare it and go back and compare the statistics of the new ones to the previous ones to examine the trends and patterns. For example, the changes of law for homosexual marriage would allow you to examine and see how many homosexual couple have now confronted in comparison to…

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