States Of Consciousness: The Five Stages Of Dreaming

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Do you ever wonder what happens when you get adrenaline or feel drowsy while reading? This is a common occurrence for every individual and it tells your body when to sleep or not. The states of consciousness ranges from alertness to sleepiness. Each stage of consciousness affects our behaviors in situations we are in. There’s 5 different states of consciousness, Focused, Drifting, Divided, walking consciousness, and sleeping and dreaming.

The first one to start off will be Focused awareness, that’s when the body is fully awake. Examples of this are, learning a new skill like in sports or educational purposes. Also, when you find something so entertaining like a magic show or watching a movie. When you are fully focus on one thing, your brain
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For example, you can be paying attention to your professor and at the same time you jot down notes. Both abilities won’t be maximum focus because its sharing its attention to two different activities.
Sleeping and dreaming, the person is basically unware of their surroundings. Once It goes to the last stage of sleeping which is REM sleep, the body is paralyze and is already dreaming. Sleeping has 6 stages of sleeping. The brain is as active during REM sleep as being awake. When we dream, our eyes tend to move and see pictures in our head. That’s why you can open someone eye lid and you can see their eye moved.
Walking states of altered consciousness is associated with meditation, hypnosis, and drug use. When taking drugs, it puts you in a different place, you start hallucinating, like LSD and Marijuana. People take these substances to relax and feel good about themselves. Alcohol people get drunk and blank out when they are sobering and don’t remember what happen last night. Meditation and Hypnosis relaxes the brain and body and it helps people cope with pain. Studies show, it heals people and make them focus more. Everything changes our consciousness by drugs or medication, not our naturally

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