Statement of Purpose Essay

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Statement of Purpose

I am Khandaker Rajive-Ul-Islam, son of Mr. Rafiq-Ul-Islam and Mrs. Rahima Akter. I have completed the four year course “Bachelor of Dental Surgery” under Dhaka University in the year 2009. I have got GPA 4.00 out of 5.00 in Higher Secondary Certificate (H.S.C.) examination in the year 2004 from Notre Dame College and have got GPA 4.88 out of 5.00 in Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C.) examination in the year 2002 from St. Joseph Higher Secondary School.

I have chosen to complete the course named “Certificate 4 in Dental Assisting” the duration of which is one year. This course includes Prepare for and assists with oral health care procedure, Assist with dental radiography, assist with administration in dental
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On the other hand, “Certificate 4 of Dental Assisting” provides us with the skills and knowledge to work as a dental assistant providing advanced level chair side assistance to dental operators such as dentist, dental hygienist, dental prosthetics or dental therapists. So it is clear that Dental Assisting course is basically an necessary part of the practical work of the Dental Surgery course. All the topics are almost same. Besides, there are some additional courses offered in the Dental Assisting course. They are Prepare for and assist with oral health care procedure, Assist with dental radiography, Assist with administration in dental practice, Apply first aid, Communicate and work effectively in health. Each and every one of them is very much essential for practical implementation of the theoretical knowledge obtained by me in the bachelor degree. I think this course will give me the chance to review my studies in a shorter period of time. Only difference of Certificate 4 of dental assisting with Bachelor of dental surgery is in this course it mainly deals with the helps that a dentist need from a dental assistant but I think as a dentist one should know that what kind of helps are expected and some minor topics like dental radiography and first aid . So this course is a a small step that keeps one ahead a little

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