Essay about Statement Of Purpose : Sophomore Year

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Statement of Purpose

Sophomore year in high school was the first time in my life where I had a teacher who truly made a profound impact on my academic career. He was my first ever accounting teacher, and he not only taught what would go on to be my favorite class of my high school experience, but he also inspired me to pursue the career path that I have chosen here at Iowa; Accounting.
Although I excelled in my first accounting course, my academic career in accounting has been anything but easy. My first semester in the program was something that I was not entirely ready for and because of this, I truly struggled. Accounting is not an easy subject matter to learn. It takes hard work and determination, and even then it can be difficult for the average student to master. That however is what I happen to like about the field of study. Accounting constantly presents a challenge in both the academic world as well as the professional world and these challenges, in my eyes, present opportunities for growth. I did not come to college to find an easy degree, go through the motions, and earn a piece of paper. I came to be challenged and to work hard academically in order to get the most out of my degree. Other than just focusing on academics, I have also been involved in quite a few different extracurricular activities around campus. My most time consuming involvement began freshman year, when I realized that in order to make college more affordable, I needed some sort of income.…

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