Statement Of Purpose: Pediatric Occupational Therapy

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I come from a small Indian family who believes in putting the people we care about first and foremost. Growing up I was always taught to be hardworking, humble, to aim for the ultimate goal and create meaningful connections with the people around me. These unique qualities of mine will enrich the USC program and the profession of Occupational Therapy because with my peers and patients I will create a perpetual bond. I care about people and their well being; I believe it's an important quality for anyone wanting to go into the field of healthcare. I will enrich the profession of Occupational Therapy by contributing diversity. Increased diversity in this field will offer a wider range of perspectives and this can create a variety of educational experience for …show more content…
My vision as an Occupational Therapist is to have a purpose and be positively impactful in the every patient’s life. I want to encourage patients to participate in flexible and creative activities. I want to see them enjoy themselves while connecting their mind and body. Being a part of this program will give me the opportunity to achieve all that. Most importantly, USC will give me the means to grow as an individual. Being surrounded by people who will be more experienced professionally and personally than my undergraduate peers will motivate me to work even harder to not fall behind and stay up to par with them. I expect to intellectually grow more, obtain more thought-provoking and valuable understanding about the field of Occupational Therapy through this program. USC will provide me with the resources I need to further build my qualities for this field by being more self-motivating and initiative. I will take advantage of the opportunities offered by the USC and be resourceful. I will aim to expand my resume by being up-to-date with the extracurricular experiences offered a USC, by taking advantage of any networking

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