Statement Of Purpose In History

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Statement of Purpose By the time I was sixteen, I had taken many different history classes throughout my academic career. However, that year when I took my U.S. History class with Mrs. Klein, I found my perspectives on history changed drastically. Mrs. Klein found connections to our past that directly tied into our future, all while engaging every student and encouraging us all to meet her expectations. I quickly found myself participating in the class very frequently, and I looked forward to learning more about the subject each day. Because I was so used to a traditionally dry lecture format, I was not aware of how interesting and fascinating history can be. It was then I became aware of just how important a strong and passionate teacher …show more content…
By teaching history to the younger generation I will teach them to examine historical events critically and through different perspectives in order to gain a stronger awareness of humanity’s achievements and failures. We are living in a time of massive social unrest, and through teaching my students about the social changes and movements of the past, I can inspire them to take action and make a difference in the world. When my students leave my classroom, they should leave with a greater understanding of not only human history, but human nature by learning about the actions and behaviors of our past. I owe my previous teachers a great deal, and by teaching myself I can pay this debt forward. As a teacher, I want to foster each student’s strengths and personalities while inspiring each and every one to become the greatest individuals they can be. I want to help the students who are not readily accepted by their education environment or that come from tough environments. In doing so, I want to make sure every student is given the chance to succeed, no matter …show more content…
My work was primarily done with Freya Remmer’s English language development class and Mrs. Martasian’s world History class, which served as a class to help her students catch-up to the high school standards. As a student teacher I worked with the students of each classroom both individually and in small groups to assist in their education. For Freya Remmer’s class, I guided the students through English lessons and advice on structuring their papers. For Mrs. Martasian’s class, I helped individual students understand the intricacies of their history lessons while aiding the teacher in maintaining the classroom environment. Many of the students I taught were learning English for the first time, which provided a challenge that I was willing to learn to overcome. . I could tell that some of the students were not initially comfortable receiving critiques from me, but when I began to establish relationships with each of them I found that they became more receptive and warmer to my advice. I knew which students responded well to advice that was more of a constructive critique but with humor, and I knew which students responded better to softer and more gentle advice on how to do better. Only by putting in the time to learn about each of their needs could bring my ability to educate to a higher

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