The Importance Of Pursuing A Degree In The IT Field

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I have been working with computer since I was in elementary school. I was so fascinated how computer work. As the years passed by, I want s have a computer job that pays every well. When kids wanted to be fireman or a police office, I wanted to be a Pc repairman. I am striving to be the one of the best in the in the IT field. And I really got deeper into computers when I went to high school. With my computer teacher, Mr. Daniele’s pushing me to strive to do better. He told me that if I really want pursue the A++ certification he would help me.
After graduating high school, I moved to North Carolina where I had decent job offer. But I lacked the degree that would have landed me the job. That drive me to get back in school, and get a degree in
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Every little jump you have over the computation. The IT field is one on the largest paying and demanding field. It grows every year and it stays in demand for new people to inter the field. But it’s not that easy to get that dream job that you was hoping for. Your first year out of school, the only job you may land is a paid internship. Only making 40,000 a year but hard work and dedication. The field has many roles, unlike most degrees that requires you to take four years of school. Information Technology has a lot of roles such as IT consultant, Web developer, Software engineer, Data Modeler. Just to name a few of them.
I want to graduate with a descent GPA. So that I can get decent job, be a cloud architect. A cloud architect makes between 115k and 172k a year, depending on what company you work for and how long you been there. A cloud architect is an IT professional who is responsible for overseeing a company 's cloud computing strategy. This includes cloud adoption plans, cloud application designs, and cloud management and overseeing. Cloud architects jobs are in popular demand as companies move from paper to online. It’s also the highest paying job in the IT

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