Application Essay: A Career As A Musical Theatre Student

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Thank you for your consideration in reference to the above position. I had the privilege of visiting American University last year. My visit was a wonderful experience and I am convinced I could contribute greatly to the education of the musical theatre students.

For ten years I have coached musical theatre students in the university environment. My expertise is in vocal training in multiple musical theatre styles, including, legit, pop, jazz, musical theatre traditional and contemporary/pop. I utilize certain material within the classical canon to build muscular strength. I am especially skilled at teaching musical theatre voice, both legit and contemporary, as well as contemporary pop for singers coming from a more legit background. The
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I am a singer, composer, songwriter, and recording artist. I trained as a classical singer in San Francisco after earning my undergraduate degree and performed for two years with the Marin Opera Company. Since that time, my work has expanded. My performances and writing encompass classical art song, opera, rock, pop, oldies, jazz, and cabaret and original material in venues as divergent as CBGB to Lincoln Center. My studio work is vast, including recording and producing my own material (two albums in release) and doing jingles. I had a full recording studio in my loft for over 10 years, including a Mellotron. Six performances of my classical work have occurred in the last eight months (nationally) and I am appearing on an album of audio self-portraits released in London. I just won a competition for “The Ear,” an organization that seeks to create modern, tonal classical material, and I just finished a three-song cycle of Sara Teasdale Poems. My vocalist is Siri Howard, the swing character in Les Miserable’s on Broadway. Perhaps my most controversial and/or flattering credit (depending on your point of view) is my appearance on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice with the Brett Michael’s team in 2012. We wrote jingles together and actually won the

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