State Teacher Expectations Vs. Reality Essay

1396 Words Feb 25th, 2016 null Page
State teacher expectation vs. reality is and will always be a highly debated topic. The state of Texas will implement a new teacher evaluation method next year. In this new evaluation, a teacher can only achieve an exemplary status if and only if all students are actively engaged. In reality, if a teacher can get every single student to be engaged every day, not only are they exemplary, they are a miracle worker who will make millions being a consultant. With little to no training being offered to help teachers reach every student in class, teachers are left in a bind. It seems every month there is a new teaching strategy that promises to be the solution, but without substantial research these new strategies are nothing more than a shot in the dark. Flipped classroom, sometimes referred to as inverted classroom, is not a shot in the dark and has substantial research, showing its effectiveness. In a flipped classroom, teachers are there to support their student’s learning by facilitating the process and allowing students to learn at their own pace. Flipped classrooms, allow for the use of technology to be integrated into a classroom by having students watch videos and take notes in their spare time and come to class with a certain level of mastery of the subject, where teachers are gifted class time to individually meet with students and fill any gaps needed. The flipped classroom model is a mixture of in-class work utilizing technology to help negate class disruption while…

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