State Police High Performance Teams Analysis Essay examples

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State Police High Performance Teams Analysis The State Police for any state uses the advances of a flexible, fluid interchanging operational structure. The State Police high performance teams become more than functioning officers behind the wheel of a police cruiser, at the controls of the helicopter, or underwater saving a child. Every high performance or learning team uses and involves group decisions for each situation may change at a moment’s notice. The elements for excellent high performance team-builds show in the supporting information. The advances of biometric, information, and electronic technology create the help each high performance, or learning organization needs for social survival.
High Performance and Learning Team
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These personal skills provide incentives a group’s effectiveness by providing motivation in the group’s success. The team relies on the obligation and efforts of the individual team members for the team success (Small Business Administration, 2012).
Enabling Stage The enabling stage defines the operational support and core requirements for any specialized project between administrative command and the team (Canberra Educational Group, 2012).The next three elements define as capability, accountability, and principles. The administrative command team selects a multicultural and varied experienced high performance police team to ensure the achievement of the set goals. The next element defines accountability for individual and team errors for not completing the goals. The ownership of the error helps the team to understand and not make the same mistake twice. The final element in the enabling stage defines the principles, or rules become the glue holding the team trust in confidence. These principles produce clarity and organizational structure for expanding greater creativity, and risk-taking toward achieving success (Canberra Educational Group, 2012).
Team Decision-Making Concepts Any state police organization defines different high performance teams as street officers, highway patrol, criminal investigations

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