Essay about State Of New York And Civil War

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State of New York and Civil War 1861-1865
Name: Graham Jackson
Course: LSTD-1153-101
Date: 10-16-2016

State of New York and Civil War 1861-1865 During the American Civil War, New York state had a significant influence in the politics of the nation. The profound impact would be attributed to the population of the State and its economy as well as media coverage that the state had accorded during the War (Rhodes, 2012). As such, The Union had benefited a lot from the large troops that New York injected into the army including the influential military leaders and commanders. However, the events of the war would change the state forever since it brought about countless political, social and economic implications on the people (Rhodes, 2012). New York State joined the war, due to numerous political, social and economic implications as well as the expected effect it could bring about to the many generations after the war ended. New York State had a significant contribution to the War because, it was the most populous state with a strong influence in the country 's military. Mainly, the United States Academy situated in the West Point provided a large number of troops to the antebellum Regular Army (Barram, 2014). Besides, before the eruption of the Civil War, history documents that a significant number of soldiers spent a lot of time in the New York Harbor, a center that would be inhabited by many forts, several military outposts including garrisons, in addition…

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