Essay about Starting A Small Business Is An Exciting Venture

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Starting a small business is an exciting venture. The level of dedication and responsibility is a feat that most are not willing to endure. Having the focus and dedication to pay yourself and be so many different department heads is extremely challenging. But what happens when that small business becomes the next big thing in your town or city. When the local population visit your store for their product needs. Where does the company go from there? How does the company continue to be profitable yet expand its customer base to ensure the market is not saturated with their products. Especially if those products are not consumables. Enacting a global strategy to break through new barriers is often the largest step for a company. In the furniture business there needs to be a level of quality versus quantity as well as a balance of materials versus expenses. When a company decides to make the leap to become a global company there are certain hurdles that this company now faces for the first time. Importing and exporting finished products is only small area of the operation. The materials that are needed to create the finished products can be a challenge of its own. When expanding into the global marketplace there are various concerns that need to be addressed. These concerns are things a simple as domestic versus global resources, product lines that can fulfill the needs of people all over the world. Finally the last concern for launching a company globally is…

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