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Brochure More information from Toothpaste Market in India to 2014 (Oral Hygiene) Description: Introduction Toothpaste Market in India to 2014 (Oral Hygiene) is a comprehensive resource for market and segment level data including value and volume from 2004 to 2014, and market/company shares for 2008-09.This report also provides data on expenditure and consumption as well as key distribution channels, and reveals the leading companies in the

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alysis, 2009-14 Company and brand share analysis Distribution analysis Expenditure and consumption per capita Chapter 4 Macroeconomic Profile Macroeconomic Indicators Chapter 5 Research Methodology Methodology overview

Secondary research Market modeling Creating an initial data model Revising the initial data model Creating a final estimate Creating demographic value splits Primary research Data finalization Ongoing research LIST OF FIGURES Figure 1: Toothpaste, India, value by segment (INRm), 2004-14 Figure 2: Toothpaste, India, category growth comparison, by value, 2004-14 Figure 3: Toothpaste, India, volume by segment (units, million), 2004-14 Figure 4: Toothpaste, India, category growth comparison, by volume, 2004-14 Figure 5: Toothpaste, India, company share by value (%), 2008-09 Figure 6: Toothpaste, India, distribution channels by value (%), 2008-09 Figure 7: Annual data review process LIST OF TABLES Table 1: Toothpaste category definitions Table 2: Toothpaste distribution channels Table 3: Toothpaste, India, value by segment (INRm), 2004-09 Table 4: Toothpaste, India, value forecast by segment (INRm), 2009-14 Table 5: Toothpaste, India, value by segment ($m), 2004-09 Table 6: Toothpaste, India, value forecast by segment ($m), 2009-14 Table 7: Toothpaste, India, volume by segment (units, million), 2004-09 Table 8: Toothpaste, India, volume forecast by segment (units, million), 2009-14 Table 9: Toothpaste, India, brand share by value (%), 2008-09 Table 10:
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