Starch And Amylase Experiment

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Roben Houspian 04/27/2015


Abstract: For the starch/amylase experiment, all of the tubes (1-5) tested positive for the presence of the starch after they turned black /purple after addition of the lugol’s solution. Additionally, all of the tubes turned orange after addition of the Benedict’s reagent. For Protein/pepsin
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Eventually, for the Fat/lipase experiment, only the PH of tubes 2 and 3 changed from 7 to 5. Tube one containing cream and bile salts did not change its PH which was 7.

Introduction: According to the “ Human Physiology Laboratory Manual” ,BIOL 282, page 57, the purpose of this experiment is to obtain more information about the enzymes that are present in our digestive system and to learn about their optimal conditions ( De Bellard , 2015). In fact, to learn about the required conditions necessary for the digestive enzymes in order to interact with the target food molecules was another reason this profound experiment was done. Based on the article “ Digestive Enzymes”, digestive enzymes are protein like structures which are very complex and they function at specific temperatures and PH . They also cause chemical changes in other substances. Proteolytic enzymes are used in order to digest proteins , lipases are the enzymes that function to digest fat, and amylases are supposed to digest carbohydrates ( University of Michigan , 2014). According to the “Human Physiology Laboratory
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Then we have to use a razor blade to cut 5 very thin slices of egg white ( 2 cm) and place one in each of the tubes. Then we add one drop of distilled water to tube 1 and add another one drop of concentrated HCL to tubes 2-4. Then we have to add one drop of concentrated ( 10N) NaOH to tube 5. After that, we add 5.0 ml of distilled water to tube 4 and 5.0 ml of pepsin solution to tubes 1,2,3,and 4. We place tube 3 in the freezer and rest of the tubes (1,2,4,and 5) in a 37 degrees water bath. We have to wait for 1 hour and then we have to take out the tubes from the water bath and record the appearance of each egg white in our lab report. For tube 3 we have to allow it to thaw.

Fat/ Lipase

For this experiment , we get 3 test tubes and label them 1-3. Then we add 3.0 ml of cream, 5.0 ml of DI water, and a few grains of bile salts to tube 1. After that we add 3.0 ml of cream, 5.0 ml of pancreatin solution to tube 2. And finally we add 3.0 ml of cream, 5.0 ml of pancreatin solution, and a few grains of bile salts to tube 3. We check the PH of each test tube before putting them in a 37 degrees water bath for 1 hour. After the 1 hour is completed, we have to take all of the tubes out of the water bath and check their PH

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