Starbucks 's Strategy For Starbucks Essay

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Ai Liu
MBA642 Marketing Management
Professor Pradeep Gopalakrishna
Starbucks in Turkey
Discussion Questions
1. Has Starbucks has done well in Turkey? What are some of the common growth drivers in terms of consumer characteristics, market characteristics, and entry strategies across USA and Turkey that might account for Starbucks’ success?

Starbucks has been successful in Turkey since it understood the challenges that it would face in the new venture. One of the strategies used was employing Can Ikinci, a manager who had sufficient knowledge of the market. Can Ikinci was qualified with a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University coupled with an MBA from Wharton. Further, he got acquainted with the European culture during the days he worked in Europe. Among the fields that he was exposed to were finance, strategy, sales, and marketing. That offered the manager an excellent background for running a new venture in the Turkish market.

Besides that, Turkey has an established culture that promotes the consumption of coffee. That made it easy for Starbucks to penetrate into the market. The population in Turkey is huge, and this guarantees the corporation a big market since the majority of people socialize in places where they are served with coffee. Also, Starbucks penetrated into the market effectively due to the use of efficient entry strategies. Some other aspects of the market entry were public relations, aggressive marketing, and sales…

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