Essay on Starbucks, The, And The Mermaid Logo

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According to the history of Starbucks, the first Starbucks was opened in 1971. The name and the mermaid logo were motivated by the love of the sea, from Starbucks original location in Seattle Washington, in the heart of Pike Place Market. When they first started, it was a single shop known for high quality coffee and brewing products. The company became the largest coffee company in early 80’s in Washington. In 1981, they hired current CEO Howard Schultz. He took the opportunity and began working with founder Jerry Baldwin.
Schultz recognized the opportunity after he took a trip to Italy to bring the café community environment to the United States. After Schultz left Baldwin, he opened his own shop and became successful. In 1992, the company experienced a rapid growth which made them going public. However, after the recession in 2007/2008, Starbucks experienced major stores closing, more than 900 stores, terminating 18,700 jobs, so the CEO Howard Schultz changed his strategy and started selling different product in every direction.
Replacing the senior leadership team, and implementing new lean stores practices to achieve operational excellency by developing a new blueprint. The company wanted to make more profits with a more diversified, multichannel and multiband business model. Growth with discipline to boost the program new brands: they started selling premium fresh juice, a bakery and Purveyor of premium tea. The company tried more on expanding its business by…

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