Starbucks Swot Analysis : Starbucks Essay

751 Words Nov 29th, 2015 4 Pages
Starbucks’ SWOT analysis is an excellent tool for providing valuable insight into the company’s performance and their current position in the coffee industry by evaluating their strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. Since inception, Starbucks has acted in accordance with their mission statement, operated with strong ethical values, and the company is committed to reducing their environment footprint. One of Starbucks greatest strength is their dominant position in the worldwide coffee industry and their strong brand recognition. The company is known for their high quality products, creating a community “Starbucks experience,” which provides a warm friendly relaxing environment with exceptional customer service. Starbucks offers Wi-Fi service to accommodate the educational, business, and personal world of it patrons becoming a meeting place for individuals to spend quality time alone or to conduct and discuss business endeavors. Through the years, Starbucks has formed and maintained solid long-term relationships building trust with suppliers, business associates, partners (employees), and consumers that is mutually beneficial. Starbucks has gained a competitive advantage in the international markets by delivering a strong market and global recognition. The rapid growth in 2014 enabled the company to open 1599 new stores through out the globe, which ultimately increased revenues. Starbucks operating efficiency and strong growth lead to Starbucks healthy…

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