Starbucks : Market And Non Market Strategies Essay

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Globalization is pushing organizations to be more competitive and is forcing them to be highly innovative, creative, and prompting them to be more proactive, visionary, with a better strategic plan and mechanisms that can make them more productive and unique.
This paper would try to identify (a) market and non-market strategies that Starbucks has used in Colombia since 2014, and (b) market and non-market strategies of the domestic competing Colombian brand, Juan Valdez (a national symbol), who represents the Colombian coffee brand worldwide. The research will also include The SWOT analysis identifying weaknesses, opportunities, strengths and threats, if Starbucks in Colombia will continue to grow in the domestic market. Globalization, by definition is an elimination of barriers to trade, communication, and cultural exchange. The theory behind globalization is that worldwide openness will promote the inherent wealth of all nations . Competitiveness can be defined as the degree to which a nation can, under free and fair market conditions, produce goods and services that meet the test of international markets while at the same time maintaining or expanding the real incomes of its citizens . Lobbying, is the activity that involves lobbyists and who are paid to influence policy-makers at the local, state and federal levels.

The most obvious reason to compete globally is to gain access to new markets and customers. The US, as the largest economy in the world…

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