Starbucks Is Calling For You Essay

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Starbucks Is Calling For YOU Expresso. Cappuccino. Frappuccino. Billions of choices, filled with sugar, spice, and just about anything you could dream of. So how did they do it? There’s a lot more to this company than most of us care to understand. However, if you dig a little deeper, all the pieces will come together. Like a siren calling you to crash, your coffee will do just the same. It all started in Seattle, Starbucks wanted to capture that attention of all the business the seaports brought. So, the company looked for an appeal, something nautical. They stumbled across a sixteenth century two-tailed mermaid, it was love at first site. From that day forward, the mysterious mermaid would be the face of a company that everyone would come to know.
Surprisingly, the Starbucks webpage did not touch much on what exactly a siren was. Sirens were mermaid-like creatures with beautiful voices and looks that were just as breathtaking. They would lure sailors towards sharp rocks, by singing to the ships. The most familiar story of sirens comes from The Odyssey, where Athena, goddess of reason, helps steer Odysseus and his crew away from a fatal death. Odysseus had a fair warning before coming near the sirens near the island of Circe’s. He plugged his crew’s ears with beeswax. However, being the adventurous type, he decided he wanted to hear the song of the sirens. He was tied to the mast of the ship, where he was provoked to come near to hear the future. Luckily, the crew…

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