Essay on Starbucks Is A High End Coffee Retailer

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As Starbucks is a high end coffee retailer, one of the biggest societal factors that affects their market is the financial economy of the communities where they reside. Starbucks relies on the discretionary spending of their customers, for their income. Consumer trends are also a societal threat to Starbucks, in today’s consumer market. Drinking coffee in the “unique” Starbucks environment is the “trendy” activity for consumers to do, but if Starbucks does not continue to introduce new products and services, Starbucks patrons may get bored when the “uniqueness” wears off, or competitors duplicate similar products or services. Health conscientious consumers also pose a threat to Starbucks business strategy. With the going trend of “healthy choices”, even promoted by the President of the United States, Starbucks needs to be innovative in creating new healthier choice options to meet these societal demands.
Task Environment
As Starbucks expands their growth into foreign markets, the lax patent laws of these foreign markets may threaten them. This makes it easier for competitors to steal or duplicate Starbucks products and services, decreasing growth opportunities.
Lawsuits and damage to Starbucks brand are also concerns for Starbucks. It is imperative for Starbucks to continue to build a positive brand name and earn the trust and respect of their customers both internal and external. Starbucks needs to have strong relationships that can withstand these trials, so they…

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