Starbucks Is A Global Market Essay

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As already stated Starbucks is a global market that has reached to every corner of the world. The name holding over 21,366 stores globally by the end of 2014 according to Statista, a website that collects statistics and studies from over 18,00 sources. In this recent year the Starbuck Corporation has divided itself up into 3 different sectors for the world. In hope to try and manage the diversity in expanding in so many different countries with so many cultures and languages. These sections include the Americas, Pacific Asia, and Europe. Each section is run by a president and “in certain ways they are the CEO of their own companies” as stated by Howard Schultz in an interview with the Boston Consulting Group. Each section is approached in different ways since each section has different political, cultural, and ethnic differences. The Pacific Asia’s is a high developing countries that allows Starbucks to grow at the rate of the countries. Mr. Schultz describes it as having “the wind at our back” meaning it is rapidly expanding and succeeding. Starbucks also opens up more company owned stores because of this rapidly developing aspect. In a section like Europe where the developing rate is much more constant “Starbucks is growing in a different way, but we are still growing there” as described by Mr. Schultz. In this section Starbucks focuses more on Joined ventures and licensing to help minimize potential economic loss but still committing to growth. Finally when it comes to…

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