Essay on Starbucks, Customer & Competitive, Analysis (Us Home Market)

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Jeffrey Shippy

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Customer & Competitive

Analysis (US Home Market)

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Company and Product Overview

In a span of ten to fifteen years, Starbucks has become one of the most recognized brand names in the US. Most of us in the US are familiar with Starbucks’ coffee shop outlets that have sprung up in what seems to be every block in the country. Specifically, the company roasts its own imported coffee beans and sells them through a variety of
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However, on an ongoing basis the Students segment offers good, recurring profitability.

The Leisures: This segment represents family/friend focused coffee drinkers that enjoy a good conversation over a cup of coffee/snack. This segment, ranging from 16 to 65 years old, represents individuals with various education and income levels. Sensitivity to the price of disposable goods is also variable. Leisures can be found going to coffee shops in couples or groups to enjoy the overall leisure experience. Similar to the Students segment, the Leisures segment is likely to spend some time relaxing in a coffee shop, rather than behaving in an “in-and-out” manner. However, unlike Students, Leisures can be found in coffee shops more frequently throughout the year, primarily on weekends. The Leisures may go to a coffee shop 1 to 2 times per week, bringing friends, family, and their kids along, which can translate into greater food and merchandise purchases. This is because in addition to coffee, this segment also purchases complementary items that further enhance the coffee drinking experience. Placing coffee shops in major rural and city intersections has been Starbucks’ primary way to attract the Leisures customer segment.
The Rush Crowd: This segment primarily represents busy working professionals, typically aged between 22 and 55, with mid to high income and education levels that seek to drink coffee to start the workday off right. Unlike the

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