Essay about Starbucks Company : A New Business Form

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Starbucks company was originated in Seattle Washington in 1971, named after Moby Dicks’s mate, a mermaid, and inspired by the love of the sea as its logo reflects it. Initiated as a single coffee shop specialized in high quality coffee and brewing products that expanded to be the largest roaster in Washington with multiple locations. In 1981, current CEO Howard Schultz along with founder Jerry Baldwin launched what they believed was a great opportunity that had generated from a trip to Italy in a search of new products. Starbucks brand underwent a transformation in 1987 into acquiring a new business form right after Howard realized he could bring the café community he found in Italy to the United States and convert its brand into the Starbucks as we know it today.

The company experienced rapid growth going public in 1992, and growing tenfold by 1997, with locations around the United States, Japan and Singapore. Starbucks also began expanding its brand by offering Starbucks coffee on United Airlines flights, selling premium teas through the company own Tazo Tea Company, offering online purchases through internet, also the distribution of whole bean and ground coffee to supermarkets, the production of premium coffee ice cream with Dreyer’s, selling CDs in Starbucks retail stores.

Today, as the largest coffee retailer in the world, with over 19000 locations in more than 60 countries. The company’s mission is “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and…

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