Starbucks Case Study Analysis

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When we talk about Starbucks many images comes to our mind , not only the act of drinking coffee in one of their stores, is a name, and more than a name is the service the company offers, they provide the client a complete and unique experience in the consumption of coffee. How a company that emerges so much competition can stand out and be a leader in sales in the coffee market? It´s important that we bring to light the story behind the success of Starbucks.

Established in 1971 Starbucks is the largest corporation of the United States to operate and own more than 20,800 coffee shops around the globe. The name was inspired by Moby Dick, showing the romance of the seas, and the adventures that the first coffee traders had to go through. Even
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After his trip to Italy, which caused him to fall in love with the Italian coffee bars and the romance of the coffee experience. He had the vision to bring back the Italian coffee traditions to the United States. As a result of the combination of both, the original and the new vision, Starbucks was intended to become a place for conversation and sense of community. But, more than that Schultz wanted Starbucks to be the third place, between home and work. Howard Shultz experience is one of the factors that led Starbucks to grow so fast and profitable. Because he is an American businessman who owns Seattle Supersonics’, a member of the board of directors at Square, Inc., and co-founder of Maveron Investment Group. He was seeing the bigger picture. He wanted to create something that was everyone’s first choice to get coffee from. But also, creating a place with, work and study environment, so people could always feel welcome and …show more content…
Internet is one of the basic needs to the global connection, and the fact that there is a place where you can get it for free is absolutely wonderful and well taught. Besides, almost every or near every table there is a plug available for their consumers to connect their computers, phone, tablet or more, giving them always the encouragement to have all what they would need right there. There are different types of tables and accommodation depending on what the client is looking for. This is a very important strategy, because it means that they taught about every possibility, every necessity that a client can have, or what a client can expect when they go into a coffee shop. Following that idea, that’s one of the reasons they also offer, sugar free, fat free, lactose free, and all of this specific products to sue every

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