Starbucks Baristas Can Tell You Stories About The Huge Amount Of Diversity

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Many Starbucks baristas can tell you stories about the immense amount of diversity in their customers. Men and women, young and old. Numerous people enter these coffee shop many times and slowly gain knowledge of their store and their baristas. Different customers have different relationships with the baristas. Sometimes, it’s a person who has a bad day and needs to rant to a stranger. At other times, people just need a laugh. Some ask questions about every little thing. As a result, baristas often get to know the people of their community and coffee shop in a more personal way. Moreover, customers often get to look into their baristas lives. From Inquiring Irenes to Loquacious Lindas to Hoity-Toity Hailees, customers relationships with the baristas vary. Inquiring Irenes have the least personal relationship with the baristas. They might know a few of the barista’s names, but they know almost nothing more than that. They are the most common group to be seen in coffee shops, asking questions at any possible moment. Sometimes these questions are frivolous ones about the different types of lattes. Other times they are truly inquisitive and ask about the barista’s best friend’s dog’s neighbor’s gold fish’s name. They ask a multitude of questions leading to a lot of answers. They mean to be friendly, but often after a string of these customers, baristas become testy from answering the same questions over and over again. These customers are never regulars, hence their…

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