Starbucks And The International Coffee Giant Starbucks Essay

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Howard Schultz, chairman and CEO of the international coffee-giant Starbucks, makes his point clear that it is the collective goal to create a “world-class company with a conscience” (Starbucks Corporation, n.d.). There is no doubt that the progress made by Starbucks Corporation has led the way to how businesses involve themselves and address community and social concerns, both on a national and global level. Traditionally, a corporation is run solely to make a profit. However, Starbucks seem to break the mold when it comes to social responsibility and seems to jump onto the social media band wagon when it pertains to promoting their reputation. In 2015, their “Race Together” promotion was meant to open the lines of communication and tackle some of the harder racial conversations that are presently taking place in the world, however the campaign received much criticism for the superficial longevity of such a complex dialogue. But many praised Starbucks as well for their initiative and willingness to broach some of the more sensitive issues within the world. Starbucks’ 2014 report on global responsibility breaks down their ideas and goals into three concepts: ethical sourcing for their products and resources, environmental awareness and the part they play in encouraging green and renewable energies, and community consideration for the customers and partners that make the Starbucks name so well-known.
Starbucks Corporation began moving toward green and Fairtrade outsourcing…

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