Starbucks And Its Effect On The Economy Essay

983 Words Jan 9th, 2016 4 Pages
Starbucks organization is based in Seattle, Washington. It mainly deals with coffee, (Gilbert, 2008). It purchases coffees, roasts them and sell them internationally through global chain and retail outlets. The coffee it deals with are mainly specialty coffees which can be used to manufacture beverages, whole bean food items, as well as ground coffee. Due to its aim of changing the whole world’s perspective of viewing coffee and consuming coffee, it has been quite successful in most activities that it has been quite successful even in harsh economic times across the world. Though it faces stiff competition around the world, Starbucks has gained the support of the federal government in carrying out global operations. Therefore, this paper shall focus on the role of the government and congress in the economy, developing policy goals, effect of other economies of the world on Starbucks and changes to be made to curb competition in the supply chain. Role of the president and Congress in stimulating the economy. The president and the congress as a whole have always embraced short term economic policies which usually try to correct the economy when in dire need. It has usually done this through fiscal expansion and application of different economic multipliers. This has made the other economies of the world to embrace the significance of the US government in dealing with the situations during harsh economic times. The government and the…

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