Star Wars A New Hope Analysis

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“Star Wars Ep IV: A New Hope”

Star Wars Ep IV: A New Hope is an exquisite movie and plot that is portrayed by excellent actors/actresses. The movie starts right in the middle of the action with Princess Leia, who is a the main leader of the rebellion against the Empire. It starts on a ship and is being attacked by the Empire led by Darth Vader and his crew. Princess Leia manages to put secret rebel information about the Death Star into the R2-D2 droid on the ship. However, she is captured by Darth Vadar and is held captive on his ship. R2-D2 and his other droid friend C-3PO escape and are not captured from the evil Darth Vader and venture for many miles until they are both found by a young, ambitious boy name Luke Skywalker. Shortly after,
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The middle action is the main goal or quest of the movie that the characters try to accomplish. The middle action in Star Wars Ep IV: A New Hope, is the quest to find a ship and a trained pilot in order to fly to Alderaan to help Princess Leia. Their other goal is to deliver the droids to Princess Leia without getting caught by the Empire’s giant army of stormtrooper and evil men associated with Darth Vadar. After Luke almost gets killed in bar, they find a man named Han Solo. Han Solo was very hesitant to take them at first, but once Ben offered a large amount of money to him, he was surely glad to fly them to Alderaan. They make a long journey to Alderaan with Ben, Luke, Han, the droids, and our favorite Chewbacca. While on their voyage, Luke learns a little about the force as well and how to use it with the help of a excellent, legend, Obi- Wan Kenobi. Once they arrive, they realized that Alderaan was destroyed by the Empire led by Darth Vadar. The crew and Han Solo decided that is was in everyone’s best interested to head back to their planet and go on with their business, however; their plans change drastically. The ship gets sucked into the force of the Death-Star and their ship gets trapped. They end up being prisoners of the ship of the evil …show more content…
The first goal of the movie was to help Princess Leia and deliver her droids back to her.The next goal adds onto this goal and almost acts as an obstacle for the characters. I believe the turning point for the movie is when all the rebels get in their planes and start to attack the big and powerful Death-Star which has the power to destroy the whole universe. The ships fight for a long time until Luke is the only hope of defeating the ship and saving the universe. Also, it wouldn’t have been done without Han Solo, who saves look for Darth Vadar; the pilot of one of the planes. I believe this is the second turning point because this ultimately helps her defeat the Empire and that was Luke’s goal all

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