Star Machina ( 2015 ) Essay

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Alex Garland’s science-fiction film Ex Machina (2015) focuses around a female-presenting humanoid AI named Ava, her creator, the eccentric and wealthy Nathan, and Caleb, Nathan’s employee who is testing Ava’s capabilities. Due to the sexual nature of Ava and other AIs within the movie, many critics have condemned Garland for perpetuating the sexual exploitation of women. However, critics have also claimed the movie is meant to empower women and support a feminist movement. Due to the criticism of exploitation represented in the character of Kyoko, the weaponized nature of Ava’s forced sexuality, and the depiction historic feminism, Garland creates a feminist film seeking to ultimately empower women. Kyoko is initially introduced as the non-English speaking housekeeper in Nathan’s otherwise empty house who not only takes care of the household chores, but also engages in sexual acts with Nathan.[1] The sexual nature of Kyoko is constantly exploited by Nathan, as on screen she is either seen in highly revealing dresses or being completely naked.1 However, Kyoko’s silence makes it difficult to discern her thoughts and feelings as to what is happening around her. It isn’t until she is forced to dance with Nathan that a brief glimpse of her emotions are revealed. During the this scene, Nathan is clearly enjoying himself, but Kyoko has a dull and indifferent look in her eyes, and seems completely disengaged with the world around her.1 It suddenly becomes clear that…

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