Stanford Experiment Reflection

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When I first finished high school, I thought I was finished with English. English was not one of my strongest subjects or well, I thought it was not. Being able to get away with procrastination, I felt like I did not need to worry much about it. I was wrong to do so, and English 104 open my eyes to how much work I really need. Leaving everything to the last minute limited a lot of things, for example the revision of each piece, I did not get that done until maybe Thanksgiving break. I became so critical with my work that it stills feels like its incomplete and I did not want to include any of it. I am not prefect, and that is one thing I need accept so I can become a better writer and overall better student.

In my first essay submission, “The
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The smaller mistakes like missing a word or an ending to a word is harder to catch. Since it is written in my voice, I do not notice the flow of the words. But this my best one, I talk about something that I know well. Finding sources to support my evidence was hard since I was not talking about the documentary content but how the information was present. I learn that taking things apart is as important as putting things together. Analyzing a work is an important step towards understanding the information as a whole. The only thing I would like to prove is my process, I needed more time to develop more support, I feel like I’m missing …show more content…
This one was more liberating than the rest. I was basically talking about myself, there was no need for me to prove anything. I describe how I became literate and how factors around me, and how it effected my attitude towards learning and reading. I had many sponsors to teach me, but there was only a few that actually made an impact on how I did learn. This one does not really define what type of writer I am but it does describe why I have so trouble getting into a topic. There were also times, I actually did not know where to start it. My opinion of learning is not a very positive one. That’s why it was so easy to not concentrate on the process but on how I felt about it, it was so much easier to wander off the topic. Ranting is something that I actually do a lot of but usually I try not to do

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