Standing Female Nude Commentary By Carol Ann Duffy Essay

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Standing Female Nude Commentary
“If a man is highly sexed he 's virile. If a woman is, she 's a nymphomaniac. With them it 's power, but with us it 's a disease! Even the act of sex is called penetration! Why don 't they call it enclosure?” ― Gemma Hatchback. This quote relates to Carol Ann Duffy’s poem Standing Female Nude both shed light on the double standards between genders in society causing the feminist movement that’s still alive today. Both show how women are looked down upon for the same actions men do since it’s not seen as “lady like.” Women are to be pure, modest, and humble. If a women ever dares not to live up to these standards and own their sexuality are looked down upon, shunned, and or even insulted considered a skank, slut, bossy, whore, or a b*tch. Men do not have to worry about this it’s a normal thing for males to express and own their sexuality. Some men usually the insecure ones look at women as second class citizens and weak, incompetent creatures, only useful for sexual pleasure and bearing their children. These men usually see this action as empowering when objectifying and judging women causing the feeling of entitlement of a women’s body. In Standing Female Nude the female model sells her body to make a living and the male artist paints her body which is seen as an art but also pays her for her services. Standing Female Nude depicts the cynical behavior of men and the irony that revolves around double standards women face in socioeconomics…

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