Essay on Standards Of Care From Health And Social Care Standards

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The Care Standards Act sets stringent rules which govern the recognition and regulations of all independent hospitals and all other healthcare facilities
The government has put emphasis on improving standards which focus on: standards of care in residential and nursing homes and other personal care services standards of NHS care standards of care from health and social care professionals.
The Care Standards Act 2000 outlined a new system of national minimum standards for services such as private and voluntary residential and nursing homes it also extended the registration requirement to local authority care homes. Regulation of personal domiciliary services, e.g. helping someone wash or dress, this includes nursing agencies is also covered by the act (, 2016).
To ensure that the aims are achieved, the Commission for Social Care Inspection was introduced their aim was to promote improvements in care. This was done through inspection, regulation and review of all social care services. It provides a comprehensive overview of social care in England and works at a local level, a national level, and across all sectors (Nursing Times, 2002).
Although the care standards act is an important part of health care, there are implications that can arise from it. Because the act sets out so many guidelines which home must adhere to if they do not they can be seen to be failing to care for their service users. Some homes are voluntary services which may not receive adequate…

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