Standards Based Curriculum Essay

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Instructional Practices for Standards Based Curriculum
A quality education involves more than academic material or the development of curriculum. A quality education is those components combined with instructional strategies, student relationships, accommodating the students, and the maintaining of those practices in a consistent manner. Effective and well planned instructional strategies is the leading component to classroom success for both teachers and students. Flexibility and accommodating standards based curriculum best fits the needs of students of different learning styles. Strict standards based learning does not work for all students without teachers using additional teaching strategies that meet the needs of the individual students
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Some of the many instructional practices that are used are understanding learning styles, cooperative learning, problem-based learning, and mentor. Beginning with the teacher understanding their students learning styles, it will be important that they understand how their students learn best. Learning styles is the way students see and understand the world around them, the way they give attention to the environment around them, the way they problem solve, and the way they process information (Cherney, 1994). Classrooms are filled with students that learn in multiple ways, whether it is visually, auditory, or tactfully, students will learn best when their strongest learning ability is utilized. Some teachers struggle with adjusting their teaching ability to the students learning ability, which can pose an enormous problem throughout the school year. Teachers must be willing to separate themselves from their own personal beliefs about how to best instruct students, and be willing to put the students learning ability above their own priority. This particular train of thought is due to many current teachers having learned and been

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