Standardized Tests Should Be Mandatory Tests Essay

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Every public school in every state in the United States of America is required to give standardized tests. Every student must take the tests: unless, their parents refuse to have their children take the test. The test might be a state test, such as the regents in New York State, or a test like the SATs and ACTs that most high school students take. Most kids get nervous for these tests. The student might not be good at a subject and not like the test. Others might just be terrible at test taking. Teachers must take time out of teaching to prepare the students for the tests for the state tests. The nationwide tests are costly to help prepare for tests. Some people feel like the students aren’t pressured on the tests. Every single test causes the students taking them to feel pressured. The pressure also comes from the same place, needing to do well on a test to be successful in life. The standardized test determines what college a student will get into and the college determines the students future. Standardize test should not determine students futures because the tests do not fully measure a student’s true attributes and abilities.
Getting into a good college depends greatly on how well a student does on the SAT or
ACT. In fact, one of the most important factors is how well a student does on the SAT and/or
ACT (What Matters Most to Colleges). The average scores for the SAT is 1540. The highest score possible is a 2400 which means the average is 840 points less than a perfect…

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