Standardized Tests : Sat, Act, Psat, And Accuplacer Essay

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Standardized tests: SAT, ACT, PSAT, ITBS, and Accuplacer. These tests, plus many more, are required to be taken in high score if higher education is wanted. Most people who take these tests do not find them adequate, but rather disappointing. The students born from 2000 on are not attempting to try as hard in school as those who came before them. As these students try less and less each year, the passing rate for standardized tests lower too. From 2000 to 2009, the United States’ students slipped from eighteenth place to thirty-first place in the math category (“Standardized”). Even those students who try their hardest have trouble with these tests. Due to the immense range of knowledge and skills students are required to understand, it is difficult for them to grasp the knowledge expected on the tests. Standardized tests, used each and every year to show the abilities of students, in truth, are unsatisfactory and unreliable. Since the mid-1800s education in America has used standardized tests (“Standardized”). The tests have been considered a detriment to the lives of American students for more than fifty years. Two of the tests, the SAT and the ACT, are the most distinguished standardized tests today. The ACT and the SAT have become the largest determining factors in college admissions process (Fletcher). Both of these tests attempt to predict how successful high schools students will be able to do in college (Propham). When standardized tests were created, they were not…

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