Standardized Tests Are Racially Biased Against Minority And Lower Income Students

991 Words May 6th, 2015 4 Pages
Annually, numerous educators express despair and frustration when attempting to prepare students to take standardized scholastic examinations. Educators are constantly pressured by school administrators to ensure their students excel when these tests are administered; however, in the African-American community, the stress, frustration and pressure felt by educators is heightened three-fold. Many educators strongly believe these standardized tests are racially biased against minority and lower income students (i.e. African-American, Hispanic).These educators are correct; numerous studies indicate that, although minorities tend to produce lower scores during standardized testing, the results of these standardized tests do not accurately depict the intelligence and learning ability of minority students. Additionally, these same studies indicate that standardized tests are geared towards Caucasian and higher income students, creating a huge disadvantage for lower income students when applying to colleges and universities.
In addition, educators are increasingly hindered by the bureaucracy of the American public school system. Due to the lack of support from school administrators regarding the education of special need students, many educators suffer “burn out” from the constant instruction, nurture and disciplining of students diagnosed with mental and emotional challenges. The funding of the American educational system must also be addressed. Each year, the US Congress discuss…

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