Standardized Testing Essay

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Abolishing Standardized Tests
Standardized tests should be abolished from schools. Standardized tests, like SOLs, are hurting students more so than they are helping them. These tests put a lot of stress on teachers and students. Test scores are used to show school improvement and how well the school is academically. Schools try to raise their test scores to make the school look better.
In order to raise the scores teachers are being forced to teach to test. Teachers are only teaching students what they need to know to pass the test. These tests are forcing a curriculum and that is unfair for both teachers and students. There are many students who want to learn more and there are also teachers who want to teach more and go more in depth
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The stress students face on taking these tests can result in having serious mental consequences such as nervous breakdowns and testing anxiety. I know this from experience. My junior year I had to rely on my test score for my Trigonometry final and I studied non-stop but I was still stressed. The closer it got to test taking time, the more nervous I got. I had a panic attack the day before my exam and passed the exam with a C. I knew the information like the back of my hand but the thought of how important the test was psyched me out and caused me to perform poorly on my exam. Testing anxiety is really common among students. The fear of failing a test that is worth so much is ridiculous because it seems like homework and classwork had little to no meaning in helping them pass the class. “Some students are charged with taking the next level of math and/or science course, yet are taking a remediation class of the previous year’s course due to failure on the [test]. This can result in a loss of cohesion between instruction and to the student’s learning progression.”(Strauss)
Standardized test were designed to help students do well and move forward but in some cases it just holds students back.Standardized testing is also cost effective. “Excluding the costs related to equipment, printing, and related

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