Standardized Testing Is An Era Of High Stakes Testing Essay examples

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Introduction Contrary to popular discourse, standardized testing is not unique to the United States alone. According to Holmes (2010), numerous other countries in the world use standardized testing as the chief method of determining the achievement, growth and progress of students. Although the practice of standardized testing has been part of the American schooling fabric for almost two centuries, its use increased rapidly after the introduction of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act in 2001 by the Bush administration. This act, according to Ahn & Vigdor (2013) “introduced the first nationwide annual standardized testing requirement for students in third through to eighth grade.”
On the one hand, NCLB critics argue that it necessitated an era of high-stakes testing in the American public education system (Camera, 2015). On the other hand, proponents argue that NCLB aided schools in realizing the goals they were intended to meet by ensuring both schools and teachers remained accountable for the performance of students (Holmes, 2010; Columbia University, 2013). Given that the NCLB expired eight years ago in 2007, it is therefore necessary to question whether or not standardized testing still matters. This paper will argue that standardized testing does not matter because it takes up valuable teacher-student instruction time; narrows the educational curriculum; and systematically promotes discrimination.
Standardized Testing Overly Consumes Valuable Instruction Time The…

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