Standardized Testing Is A Flawed Measurement Essay

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Standardized Testing Is a Flawed Measurement Standardize testing fails at its one and only job. The ACT and SAT are standardized test, which are taking by high schooler’s as a requirement for college acceptance. Chiefly, the testing evaluates the primary subjects, including math, science, reading and writing. However, the testing material is fashioned by the financially-driven testing business, that is a multi-billion-dollar industry. No surprisingly, the testing industry charges for books and curriculum, seminars, and the actual test. When I took the ACT, the test specifically stated that it was not representative of a student knowledge, but rather how well a student has prepared with the companies’ material. This made me question why I needed to take this test. Upon further evaluation, I concluded that standardize testing is a terrible metric for evaluating college applicants because it is not an accurate predictor of college success, it is biased and it doesn’t consider critical attributes such as work ethic. Based on a PBS radio report, studies have shown that a student’s high school GPA is good predictor of college success, while standardize testing has little or no ability to foresee a student’s performance. Additionally, some progressively thinking colleges have dissolved the need for standardize testing for admission. However, the majority of colleges, who assess students, still require testing results for entering students. If the…

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