Essay about Standardized Testing Has Been Used For College Admissions

1123 Words May 20th, 2016 null Page
Standardized testing has been used for college admissions since 1900 when the College Entrance Examination Board was formed due to the worry that there was a lack of a standard curriculum in boarding schools in New England. The tests are designed to evaluate a student’s knowledge and readiness to attend college by testing in subjects like math, reading, and science. The test seemed to “provide an objective way of measuring the potential of students from high schools of wide-ranging quality.” (Should Standardized Tests […]) Many changes have been made to standardized tests over the years and they are still being used in the United States to this day by colleges everywhere to select students to accept into their programs on a large scale. Though standardized tests are trusted by colleges when accepting students, they are not an accurate way to measure their intelligence.
When it comes to standardized testing, the tests are not able to measure many attributes. These “tests can measure only a portion of the goal of education, which are necessarily broader and more inclusive than the test could possibly be” (Harris and Smith), therefore this makes using these tests to evaluate students ineffective. Many attributes that people see as important for child development and important skills to possess in order to thrive in society, such as creativity, reliability, leadership, compassion, honesty and integrity, cannot possibly be measured through a standardized test. Many colleges want…

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