Essay on Standardized Testing For Common Core Standards

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In the year 2014, roughly 50,000 students refused to take a standardized test in the state of New York alone (Wallace). The issue these students (and parents) are attempting to boycott is the implementation of Common Core Standards, which includes the use of standardized testing to measure a student’s success in the classroom. Common Core Standards have been put into effect in 48 states since 2009 and is used by just about every public school in these states. As of late, when Common Core Standards have been put into debate, they are compared to the No Child Left Behind Act put forth by George W. Bush which was replaced by Common Core. Despite Common Core being more successful in fulfilling the goals set for it, many believe that it has created an unnecessary emphasis on standardized testing. One of the main stakeholders in the argument against Common Core is the National Education Association. The NEA is the largest labor union in the U.S. with a total of three million members made up of teachers, administrators, and parents. Standing in their way of stopping Common Core is Achieve Inc., an organization made up of corporate business leaders and bipartisan governors who wanted to create an equal platform for education across America. Creating a bridge between what the NEA and Achieve Inc. stand for would likely include a platform for education to be standardized, not through rigorous testing but through repeated drilling of information into the students. The National…

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