Standardized Testing : A Positive Impact On A Student 's Education And Performance

1199 Words Nov 28th, 2016 5 Pages
Some people believe that standardized testing in America has a very positive impact on a student’s education and performance, however, others believe that standardized testing causes “important but untested content to be eliminated from the curriculum” (Popham). In discussions of standardized testing, one controversial issue has been whether high-stakes testing improves or diminishes student learning in a classroom. On one side of the argument, Latasha Gandy argues that children “can and must take the tests so we know if they’re mastering the critical skills they are learning from great teachers and great classes, skills they’ll need to pursue the college and career of their dreams”. While, on the other hand, Robert Schaefer of the National Center for Fair and Open Testing, contends that “tests that measure as little and as poorly as multiple-choice exams cannot provide meaningful accountability”. Gandy believes that standardized testing shows how students are truly able to learn in a classroom environment, and how those students will be able to adapt and excel in later careers and challenges. She believes that standardized testing accurately predicts how students will perform later in college and in tests later in life, because she states that standardized tests will help teachers and parents pinpoint exactly what a student needs to work on to be successful in both their studies and later careers. Gandy also believes that standardized testing allows the educational system…

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