Standardized and Localized Strategies and the Role of Culture in

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Standardized and Localized Strategies and the Role of Culture in
Marketing and Consumption

Delroy A. Jefferson

This paper is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for International Marketing

Doctorate of Business Administration
SMC University

Dr. Babu P. George

July 26, 2014

The paper seeks to examine the arguments surrounding the issue of standardization versus localization as it highlights specific advantages and disadvantages of both as obtained from a review of the prevailing literature. It links cultural patterns with consumerism and seeks to outline an effective approach to market research for entry into international markets.
There are strong arguments for implementing standardization
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Several economic, political, social and cultural factors play a role in determining whether a standardized marketing strategy or a localized marketing strategy is adopted (van Heerden & Barter, 2008). Framed against this backdrop, this paper seeks to outline a brief review of the elements of standardized and localized strategies. It also examines the role of cultural patterns in a society and its effect on consumption. The author seeks also to suggest that in the design of the marketing research plan, care is needed to ensure fit with the specific sociocultural context.
Literature Review 1. Multinational versus global corporation
The development of new technology, communication and transport has resulted in the international expansion of trade and has redefined the way in which worldwide business is conducted. This expansion has led to the internationalization of business with the development of multinational corporations and global corporations. From the literature it is evident that political scientists and economists do not have a standard definition for a multinational company or global company. For instance, one theory suggests that a company only becomes a multinational company when it has owners from two or more

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