Standardization Vs. Debate On Advertising Essay

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• The standardization versus localized debate applies to advertising. Much of this focuses on the match between advertising messages and local cultural. In general, advertising can be used to inform or persuade. In addition, managers who are attuned to cultural issues tend to prefer the localized approach, while managers less familiar to cultural issues prefer a standardized approach. A global advertising campaign can result in sustain benefits of cost saving. In contrast, a localized campaign can be used to highlight the most important attributes of a product or brand in each nation or culture. If a global market exists for a particular product, opportunities to standardize elements should be explored I believe companies should explore an advertising method that represents a middle point between standardization and localization. This is because it will allow standardized basic messages combined with modifications tailored to individual markets, or localized markets. Overall, international advertiser one must have a global commitment to a local vision in order to be a successful. With this, advertisers should choose to run both global and local ads rather than adopt an either/or stance.

• There is a difference between an advertising appeal and creative execution. To begin, the advertising appeal is the communications approach that relates to the motives of the target audience. With this, the appeal relates directly to a consumer’s buying motives. The motives can be ration…

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