Standardised Marketing Strategy - Is the World Becoming Mono Cultural?

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We are living in a world where business is evolving the advancement in technology has seen companies expand there client base to a global level. This paper will discuss the standardized marketing strategy of IKEA and evaluate the issues surrounding standardized marketing on a global scale by relating it to multinational corporations alike. Using Hofstede’s Culture theory, it will also discuss whether our cultures of the world are becoming similar, or are we seeing a direct reflection of clever marketing. What standardization (and adaption) could be considered to be: the offering of identical product lines at identical prices through identical distribution systems supported by identical promotional programs in several different …show more content…
And with this experience also shows ‘ there are no limits to how far a business can go with standardization, and how far along that road consumers are willing to be taken’ (Johannson 2009 p. 4).

The question whether a business should pursue a marketing strategy that is standardized across international borders or adapt to individual markets has become a common debate in business management. As multinational corporations have matured through accumulation of experience of wealth and knowledge from operating worldwide, aided by advanced technology, transport, travel, inter trade laws and distribution channels, observers have argued that ‘world markets are becoming increasingly similar, and hence a standardized approach towards production, operations and marketing is both feasible and desirable’ (Samiee, 1992 p. 1). Others have argued that countries with market differences such as; inadequate means of transportation, preference for fresh products, differing tastes, education, religion and cultures that standardization may present problems and ‘ addressing countries where the needs of markets are economically alike, as with less developed countries, standardization may present problems’ ( Boddeyn, 1981 p 65). This forces major organizations to question whether standardization or adaption is the best option when expanding across borders.

Mc Donald’s is a critical example of a

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