Standard English Debate Essay

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Since ages, people communicate between one another with language. Language is a system of communication whereby people use it as a tool to deliver and receive information. In view of English has been the most powerful language nowadays, people tend to question what Standard English is and which Standard English to be used by everybody; Standard British English or Standard American English or any other standard.

1. What is Standard English Debate?

To know what Standard English is, people need to know from where it has been derived and why it is chosen as the standard variety that people prefer to use. It is originated from the south-east Midlands areas. This is due to the fact that the variety of these
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Since he quoted from Dictionary of English Grammar by Trask (2000),

It is important to realize that standard English is in no way intrinsically superior to any other variety of English: in particular, it is not 'more logical,' 'more grammatical,' or 'more expressive.' It is, at bottom, a convenience: the use of a single agreed standard form, learned by speakers everywhere, minimizes uncertainty, confusion, misunderstanding and communicative difficulty generally.

It can be seen that Standard English is used widely by people to ensure learning the language could be meaningful through its convenience to the speakers with less difficulties in certain aspects. Besides that, Thomas mentioned Standard English can be seen as dialect of institutions, dialect of literacy and education, dialect taught as ‘English’ to foreign learners and dialect of higher social classes. Therefore, it is regarded as ‘correct’ in a sense to compare with the non-standard variety.

Codification occurs when a variety is selected. It is the standardization process worked by scholars and academics on the vocabulary as well as grammatical patterns and structures in dictionaries and grammar books (Thomas, 2000). As the Standard English is used in education and it is taught to foreign learners, these two references are the most crucial guidelines. Moreover, it has being socially determined decision.

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