Essay on Stand Your Ground By Kelly Brown Douglas

1740 Words Mar 8th, 2016 7 Pages
As Kelly Brown Douglas notes in her book Stand Your Ground, one of reasons for perpetuating slavery after the other Western European countries abolished it was due to America’s belief in Manifest Destiny. White Anglo-Saxons assumed they were called by God to rule the “New World”, but also to rule the Africans they had enslaved. In essence, God chose white people over all other races to be the ruling elites who dominate the world. They are the chosen people, in similar ways to Israel, who were God’s chosen people, determined to rule and colonize the “Promised Land”. Not only would Americans colonize, they would also proselytize and set an example of what pious morality ought to look like. In being an example, whites began to understand themselves as not only morally superior, but also physically and intellectual superior to all other race. If Anglo-Saxons understand themselves to be superior based on their morality, strength, intelligence, and faith, then all other races must be deemed inferior. In fact, faulty science and statistics would lead white people to believe all other races would become extinct in the coming centuries. Combined with this belief in Manifest Destiny is an inherit assumption that whites are exceptional in their identity. What this resulted in is the belief that whites are expected to rule blacks and other non-white races. They believed that God has granted whites ownership over the Africans who were a product of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.…

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